baby favorites - the first 6 weeks

I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the baby items that have been super amazing to have around for these first few weeks of mama-hood, in case there are any mama-to-be's out there. I know I had a lot of fun looking around websites and blogs to figure out the best items to put on our registry or purchase myself when I was pregnant.

First Years Sound Machine: This has been an absolute lifesaver.  Abigail has been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks (yes!) & I attribute part of that to this little machine or amazingness. (Will be posting a blog about her sleeping habits, not to worry!)

Summer Infant Video Monitor: We put Abs in her own room pretty early on. It was scary, but this monitor has been great. You can literally see her breathing. You can also talk through the monitor to her room (like a walkie-talkie) and can control the camera from the monitor. Must have!

Summer Infant SwaddleMe: If I could have 100 of these, I would! The second night we had Abigail home, she was swaddled (with a hospital blanket) in her pack & play and ended up kicking herself  out of the swaddle and turning herself over on her belly. I was a wreck! These swaddles are like little baby straight jackets! They zip & Velcro your little one in so there is no kicking out of it. Such a relief!

Boon Lawn drying rack: You are going to be spending a lot of time at the sink. Between bottles, pump parts, pacifiers & toys you are going to feel like all you do is wash things. This drying rack is so perfect for everything you need to wash. And its adorable. Don't forget about the accessories for it either. So helpful to have! There is nothing I love more than seeing a full drying rack!!

BabyGanics Bottle Soap: Some people are fine using regular dish soap, I like to know mine is made specifically for the babe. And I LOVE this soap!!

Boppy Pillow: We use ours for literally EVERYTHING. For feeding, sleeping, tummy time and occasionally putting my face into it and screaming when I have tried everything to get her to sleep ;)

Puj Tub: This tub is a staple in our 'sleep through the night' bedtime routine. Any tub will work, but this one really conforms to any sink and I'm really happy with it. We will have to get a different tub once Absicles grows out of this one, but for now we really love this!

Britax Car Mirror: We made this purchase about 4 weeks after Abigail was born. And I wish we would have had it sooner. It gives us SUCH peace of mind to be able to see her when one of us isn't sitting in the back seat, next to her!

There are probably so many more that I am forgetting, but I will pick back up for the next 6 week favorites post. Right now, I had a crying baby to tend to & a pillow to scream in ;)

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