Don't touch my child.

I consider myself to be a generally friendly person. Even to strangers. I always say my please and thank you's and will hold the door open for you if you need it. If a cashier tells a corny joke while I'm checking out, I'll laugh to make them feel good.

I grew a giant pair of lady balls yesterday while Billy and I were at the grocery store. We had just checked out, it was raining outside and Billy ran to the parking lot with the cart of groceries to come pick us up, so Abigail didn't get too wet. She was in her stroller/car seat and I was getting her strapped in under the covered walkway in front of the store. THEN IT HAPPENED. An older gentleman who looked like Santa Clause (the kind you find in the mall, not the North Pole) approached us and asked if we would like him to grab us a plastic bag to keep us from getting wet while walking to the car. Nice enough I thought. I declined and explained that my husband was grabbing the car to pick us up. And then out of nowhere he says 'I am going to
Bless your child by kissing my finger and placing it on her forehead'. Now, I'm not knocking any sort of religion or beliefs, that's not the point of this, however, coming up to a stranger and her daughter with a 6 pack of Natural Ice in your shopping bag and telling them that you are going to bless their child... Are you out of your MIND?! 
I'm pretty sure the look I gave him was 50 shades of crazy and the words 'You will ABSOLUTELY not!' came flying out of my mouth before I could even process what was happening. I threw a blanket over the top of A-bomb's stroller and hauled ass, in the pouring rain to the car. 

This brings me to the PSA portion of this post..... Do not try to touch another person's child unless you have permission. This may seem like common knowledge to most people, but clearly not to everyone. For crying out loud, my own parents still sanitize theirs hands EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they touch my kid. And I KNOW they are clean. 

I will leave you with these two things: 

A cute picture of my babe- 

And a cute-ish (except when trying to maul my face) picture of what we found in our backyard last night- 

This was after her cub strolled by. 
And when I say backyard, I mean if I had put my hand up to our porch screen, I could have to touched her... Given that she didn't decide my fingers looked like mini snickers bars and ate them one by one. 

And that's all I've got. Just remember: DO NOT TOUCH MY CHILD. 


  1. omg!!! I would have the same reaction. love her little onesie :)

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