Our weekend in pictures.

We are all in the middle of battling a cold in my house so this weekend wasn't too exciting. 
Our Friday morning looked like this: 
A sick babe in bed. It completely broke my heart to see her not feeling well, but that's what happens when mamas gotta work and baby has to be in daycare. 

Friday night was spent laying on the couch waiting for Billy to get home and sending him obnoxious pictures like this: 
Please note the pup in the background. 

Billy had Saturday off (which NEVER happens) so we took advantage of it. 

Our first stop was the farmers market: 

Then we took the pup for a spa day. We call it a spa day, I'm pretty sure she classifies it as pure torture. She was not pleased when we picked her back up: 

Nanna and Grampie took Abigail for a sleepover on Saturday night. So it was date night! Which actually ended up being a delicious dinner and then going home and passing out. Definitely lame city, but we are tired! 
Before our eventful date night. 

We also found this little nugget of joy on the side of the road on the way to dinner, so it wasn't a complete wash.... 

Sunday, billy was back to work and I hung at my parents house all day. We made a last minute decision to buy a blow up pool and have Abigail 'swim' for the first time: 
I'm pretty sure she just thought she was in the bathtub. But we got cute pictures, so that's fine ;) 

I think we wore her out though because the next two pictures is how she spent the rest of the day: 

And that's all I've got. 


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