3 month old

From 2-3 months our little babe has developed SUCH a personality. B and I both agree that this has definitely been the most fun month so far!

In addition to all of the things listed on her monthly picture, some more of her milestones have been: 

Turning over for the first time. 
Crawling with the help from our hands for her little toes to push off of. 

She LOVES the feel of leather on her tummy. 
She took her first nap in her crib. (She has been in her own room since 5 weeks to sleep at night but we always let her nap in her swing or on our chest) 

She smiles SO much now. It's amazing! Before this month she would smile at nothing. But now she will smile as a reaction to the things we do. We love it so much! 

The sound of her talking to herself is the best sound in the world. Her realizing she has a voice and can use it is so fun! 

She loves to try and walk when we hold her hands and she stands up ( we know, we are in for some trouble). 

And I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures I snapped while trying to get her three month picture: 

Feel free to caption it, haha! 

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