birthday shenanigans

Yesterday was Billy's 29th birthday. Next year, for the big 3-0 we will probably do something reckless, but we kept it kind of low key this year. 
Birthdays in our house last all week. As they should. 

On Monday, I took the day off and took Billy to our new favorite restaurant, Bento Cafe.. Mmm so good! We got sushi and noodle bowls! 

Next on the agenda was Dave and Busters! If you don't know what that is, it's basically a big arcade for adults.. And they have a huge bar (& food I guess ;) ). If there's one thing we love to do together, it's going to a huge arcade an acting like children. We ALWAYS compete in basketball and air hockey. And because it was his birthday, I let him win at both :) 

Within 5 minutes of being there and playing the very first game we saw, I won 1000 tickets haha! 

And say hello to the worlds most expensive basketball (2200 tickets worth) ...

Since yesterday was his actual birthday and he had to work, I wanted to do something special in the morning... So Abigail and I made a special delivery to his work with iced coffee and munchkins! 

Last night, billy wanted to cook dinner for everyone (for his birthday, I know. Crazy!) so he cooked up an awesome filet, mashed potato and broccoli dinner. While he was cooking, I was BAKING! 

On the menu: 
Vanilla cupcakes filled with chocolate pudding, topped with peanut butter frosting and a strawberry! 

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting topped with a blueberry! 
And a cookie cake that didn't make any of the pictures. 

We ate dinner, opened presents and ate our weight in desserts. It was awesome. 

And I'm pretty pumped that I get to do things like this now:

Happy birthday, my love!! Abigail and I are the two luckiest girls in the world!  

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