Friday Favorites - Pin Style

I've been on a Pinterest binge lately. I have so many ideas floating around my head for my house, my wardrobe and A's 1st birthday party (yes, its already happening. I can't help it!) Below are a few of my favorite finds lately:

How cute is this?! I love anything with an anchor design!

I am planning a diy with this little gem. It is your anniversary date displayed in your home (in our case, master bedroom!) I have been looking for something to fill our walls with and I think this will be perfect!

This will NO DOUBT be my go to outfit for fall/winter. I can not wait to start busting out the boots and sweaters. Come on fall, we are all waiting!

I'm obsessed. I would obviously have to have A wear something under it but I feel like she needs this. Billy thinks otherwise.

Backyard trees with Christmas lights year round... my dream come true. Will these keep the bears away?!

I just cant with this bag.... I need it. I'm not usually a purse snob and will wear whatever I think is cute, but this.... this I need in my collection.

Husband- If you are reading this.. THIS IS A PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!

Black foam board, brass push pins, make a design. So simple!

I am currently on the hunt for an old tub. How cute would this be for entertaining at your house?!
And now on to what could be the best thing I have done on this blog yet... Linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for a little segment she likes to call 'Back that Azz up' Fridays. What is it exactly? Well, exactly what it sounds like... Pick a jam & back that azz up.
My jam is OBVIOUSLY an *NSync (complete with the totally necessary asterisk) oldie, due to their impending reunion on Sunday at the VMA's. Don't crush my dreams people, I still have hope that it's happening!!!
Happy Friday, everyone!  


  1. Is there a link for the necklace? I love, love , love it!!!!

  2. here is the link: