Our Weekend in Pictures.....& a moment of silence.

I walked out of my room Friday morning to see this:
So cute!

We had a little photoshoot before school, she is clearly thinking about something spectacular.

We got a package in the mail when we got home Friday night..BABIATORS! This is a company that makes baby aviators and they are PERFECT for little faces. They don’t have a strap on them or anything, but they stay on your babes face no problem! They are made out of a rubber material, BUT if they were to break (or get lost!) Babiators will REPLACE them, no questions asked at no cost to you! Umm… Yes please!!
I put them on Abigail and started snapping away… and got this little nugget…
Double chin not included in purchase.

Saturday morning we made a pancake, egg and hashbrown breakfast… with a side of bacon.

We headed out to the park to play some basketball and swing on the swings… But I was just excited that it was sunny out so Ab could rock her new shades..

Love my girl!

Obviously impressed. 

Billy and I decided to RUN home from the park… and when we got back to the house, Nathan wanted to lift weights.. so we did! (I was hiding in the corner, wheezing.) 

Sunday night…  where to begin….

Billy and I put the babe to bed and poured ourselves two glasses of delicious beer. We decided to relax and sit down to watch the VMA’s (which I only wanted to watch for the *NSync reunion,obvi.)

I’m not going to talk too much about what happened, because I think we all are pretty clear that it was one chug-a-choo-choo away from a train wreck… but I will leave you with a few things…

& with that, I am out of here. I hope everyone has a great week. And if your Monday sucked, just remember... You could have woken up this morning and realized you molested a foam finger in front of America the night prior….

Lets all take a quick moment of silence to remember what was an innocent peice of foam... 

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