Playroom in the making.

As most of you know, we will be using the $500 we won from Jenny McCarthy's Cute Baby Contest to create a pretty bad ass playroom for Abigail! (Thanks again to everyone who voted! I promise we will never enter another contest and beg for votes again. How annoying were we?! YIKES!) 
We have a pretty large space in our house that I have struggled with decorating since we moved in a year ago. I knew I wanted Abs to have a separate playroom from her own room because I didn't want her room to be cluttered up with toys and crap. I spent a lot of time decorating her room and I want it to stay as cute as I made it :) So we decided this big empty space in our house would be PERFECT for her playroom! 

I thought it would be fun to show you what I WANT to put in the room and then when it's finished show you what actually went in the room. 

Teepee... I mean, not that I really feel like I need to explain myself on this one, but how amazing is this?! I can just picture Abigail posting up and hiding in this bad boy, already! 

Growing Stick.... I love love love this so much! I can't wait to start marking her height on this! So much better than just putting markings on the wall. We will be able to keep this forever and maybe she'll want to put it in her house for her kids one day! 

7ft bean bag... This is something we already had, but had no idea where to put it in the house. PERFECT for the playroom! It is SO big but SO comfy and fun to lay on! (Please ignore the odd people sitting on the bag.. It's the only picture I could find of the color) 

The bean bag will be covered with fun pillows! I've been collecting them for a while now in all kinds of prints and colors! 

Last, but certainly not least is my chalkboard wall!! This is already finished and I love it!! I've drawn on it several times and the paint is holding up great! We will have to do a few coats over it from time to time but the paint is so inexpensive that its really not a big deal. 
(We will be covering the outlet cover too. Don't worry!) 

There's serval more things that will be going into the room such as, a big white (i know, I'm nuts but i love white) rug to cover up some of the tile, chalkboard baskets to house all of a
Abigail's toys and some sort of art to go on the walls, but these are the big ones that we will be buying right away! 

Can't wait to have the finished product!! 

Tomorrow starts Billy's week of birthday celebration! Can't wait! 

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