Another Weekend in Pictures.

You know, just when I thought we were really figuring out this whole parenting thing and really getting the hang of it, my daughter decides to scream bloody murder for 3 hours on a Sunday night... just to make sure WE know who is REALLY in charge around here. Got it, LOUD AND CLEAR. 10-4.

Beer Me.

I had every intention of posting over the weekend. I have a ‘Fall’ post waiting to be written. Picture collages complete, I just need to jot down a few words. But A had very different plans. Which included: Not napping & making Mama play with her for every second of the day…. Even when she was exhausted and screaming her head off. It’s a good thing she is so damn cute. Even her cries make me laugh.

So as a result, you get another episode of ‘Our Weekend in Pictures’.

Friday night the entire family went out to dinner at Olive Garden. I ate about 14 breadsticks and would have put a straw in the Alfredo dipping sauce if I could have found an extra one.
We are obviously easily amused and decided to entertain ourselves while waiting for more breadsticks our dinner to come out:
We will chalk this one up to being hungry and delirious. (weweren’t that hungry. see: breadsticks)

Billy had to work on Saturday so we thought we would spend the morning in our PJ’s cuddling with our babe…..

BUT, for whatever reason, we got a burst of energy and decided going for a run would be a better use of our time. However, I think the thought of getting the next picture was the motivation I needed to strap on my neon nikes.

Billy went off to work, and off we went over to Nana and Grampy’s house. Little babe fell asleep on the way there, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture this new sleeping position she has been rocking. How is this comfortable?!

We headed off to Nathans first soccer practice of the season. Which I think was on the hottest day of the year, plus the start of love bug season. He looked cute & so did my child so I suppose it was a win…… a sweaty one.

Saturday night turned into a VERY intense game of Domino’s with my parents and grandparents. They were out for BLOOD! & I loved every minute of it : )

I have ZERO pictures from Sunday. We went to Blizzard Beach and I accidentally left my phone at home. Which is surprisingsince it is typically super glued to my hand. But I actually LOVED not having it. It was a nice break. So, you don’t get to see any cute pictures of my baby in a bathing suit or any of the delicious frozen cocktails that I consumed. The only thing I REALLY wish I had a picture of was the man’s facial expression when I SCREAMED at him in front of a lot of people for repeatedly lighting up his cigarettes 6 feet from my child’s face.  It was the closest I’ve come to making a grown man crap his pants.
Gave myself a pat on the sunburned back for that one.

That about does it. Weekend is over and I’m dealing with a Monday that has a stick up its ass.

This picture makes me smile though:

Seacrest Mama J, OUT!

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