Loving & Loathing.

Happy Saturday, friends!

Here are a few things that I am currently loving & loathing. Enjoy!!

Loving: Old Navy is seriously bringing it this year with their clothes. I'm not usually a fan, but I can't seem to stay away! I'm loving this vest and these sweaters! (They are currently having a 20% off sale, so go stock up! )Now, I just need the weather to get cooler so I don't look like a jackass wearing sweaters and vests in 90 degree weather. Which brings me to...

Loathing: the back and forth weather that Florida is currently experiencing. Wednesday it was chilly outside (75 degrees & raining)..... Thursday was sweltering! I just can't..... 

Loving: trying new foods with Abigail. She is one stubborn babe though. She is not loving anything yet. And she isn't really down with the whole food not coming out of a bottle thing but we are trying avocados today so maybe we will have some luck. 

Seriously, by the end I was literally spooning food onto her pacifier and shoving it in her mouth. HA!

Loathing: the fact that lovebugs are apparently attracted to the smell of cinnamon. I decorated our porch for fall and put out a vase filled with cinnamon scented pine cones.....24 hours later, my porch was INFESTED with lovebugs. And we also had bears in the yard that night which I can only assume was connected. Cinnamon fail.

Loving: Hello Apparel and Camp Brand Goods. Seriously, both of these brands are so cute and I can't wait to stock up mine and my mini's closest with all of their things!!

Loving: Moccasins. Especially on my babes feet. Now to find a matching pair for myself..... 

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