Our Disney Trip in Pictures

I was pretty convinced that taking a 4 month old to Disney World in September (which in Florida, it’s still 134 degrees out) was the fastest way to get me sent to a mental hospital. Turns out, I was only partially right.
Nathan decided for his 5th birthday, he didn’t want a party. He just wanted to go to Disney World for the day and to eat breakfast with all of the characters. So that’s what we did.

Saturday, we woke up at the ass crack of dawn (6am & also, what a weird expression) and attempted to pack up for a day at Disney World. Trying to remember everything you might need for your infant is damn near impossible. But I’m happy to say that we didn’t forget anything!

We will call this picture ‘I’m going to DISNEY WORLD!’:

Breakfast with the characters was fun. Nathan loved it! And a buffet breakfast is RIGHT up my alley. The only thing missing was a mimosa. But Magic Kingdom is a dry one, which makes this mama SAD!

Our waitress was so sweet and brought out a cupcake and a card signed by all of the characters for Nathan!

It was nice having a lot of people with us, we all took turns sitting rides out to watch the babe.

Billy got to try out his baby carrier : )

And I took Nathan on the bumper car track.

The most stressful part of the day was making sure Abs stayed cool enough. She was in her stroller for most of the day with it completely covered and a fan going the entire time. That kept her pretty cool. But towards the end of the day, we had to keep dumping wet paper towels all over her because we were nervous that it was just too hot out.

I am dying for some cooler weather! A 100 degree Thanksgiving does NOT sound appealing.

And I’ll leave you with one picture that sums up our Sunday perfectly….

Happy Tuesday!! 

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