Loving & Loathing; Saturday Edition

Loving; having a 5 month old! This is definitely the most fun we have had with our baby girl so far. This age is a blast. She is developing THE BEST personality. We are loving trying new foods with her and her belly laughs make our hearts explode. She still sleeps like a champ (13 hours last night!), she is sitting up on her own (with a few face plants every now and then), is starting to crawl & still blowing out like a pro every morning on our way to daycare. I'm officially the mother who brings her kid in to school in only a diaper and dresses her there after she shits everywhere. Why waste an outfit for her to only wear it for 20 minutes. We have also resorted to putting towels down on her car seat after we have had to clean it 3 times this week after dropping her off.  Can't wait to tell her these stories when she is older.

Loathing; Terrible drivers. I swear, it seems like some days every single person on the road is drunk.

Loving; arm candy. I have a new obsession with bracelets. I need no less than 6 on my arm at a time. I picked up some new gold ones a few days ago and I'm in love.

Loving; my new Aztec leggings from White Plum Boutique. I ordered them online so I didn't really know what to expect. And holy comfortable batman!! These things are beyond amazing. They are so soft (but not too warm), just enough stretch and not even the smallest bit see-through. Not to mention, their designs are THE cutest! I can't wait to stock up on more!

Loathing; The fact that I can't find any pumpkin patches to go to yet around here. Where are they?! It's October 12th people! This is prime pumpkin patch time! I need pictures of my child surrounded by pumpkins! I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that it is still approximately 157 degrees on the daily here in Flori-DUH. Which we can go ahead and add to my loathing list. But I hate it so much, that I'm not going to dignify it with its own paragraph. Take that!

& I'll leave you with some pictures of my girl.

It was important for me to put this one in the blog to remember this outfit. I love it so much. And now it is shit stained because my cute, adorable, disgusting daughter decided to have the biggest blowout of her life 20 minutes after getting dressed.  #shegetsitfromherDADDY

& an outtake from her 5 month 'photoshoot'. I'm obsessed with her little baby legs in these leggings. Dead. 

Happy Saturday, friends. Hope it's the best

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  1. Omg I hate the lack of pumpkin patches in town too! I see a bunch of semi-local friends posting cute pics (and let's be honest I'm ONLY going for a few pics) and everytime I ask where it is, it's at least a half hour drive away! I'm not driving 30 mins to take a handful of pictures!