Our Weekend in Pictures

It was a really good weekend around the Huff household. Here’s a look:

These two pictures pretty much sums up my Friday night. I did in fact crush an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio & I also woke up with a hangover from hell.

He just gets me ;) 

We spent our Saturday morning doing yard work… with a hangover. It was obviously a spectacular time. But thanks to our HOA for the nice letter they sent us regarding our busted lawn, it was a must.

Our morning yard work resulted in a trip to Target and Home Depot & we decided that it would be an ideal time to try and put Baby A in the shopping cart for the first time.

It was a serious win. Nailing the execution.
My little nugget is still too small. Try again next time ;)

Next on our agenda was attending a ‘Fall Festival’ at a local church. I have ZERO pictures from said ‘Fall Festival’. You might also be wondering why I keep using quotations around ‘Fall Festival’. Well, my friends… it is because I don’t consider a Fall Festival to be a place where you catch a heat stroke. I had GRAND plans to take some pumpkin patch pictures with the babe in her cute fall outfit, of which DID NOT happen because I couldn’t dress her in the outfit because it was too damn hot out! We ended up leaving after 10 minutes of me walking around pouting and deciding that I was going to make my own pumpkin patch in my backyard and take my own pictures.

Moving right along….

Saturday afternoon – post hissy fit, I cleaned, Billy cooked up some yummy finger foods and we played dress up with our baby.

I had to crank up the AC just to take this picture. I didn’t want her to overheat. (See also: I HATE FLORIDA.)

We spent Saturday evening hanging out with some fabulous friends, who cooked up an absolutely amazing dinner.
Feast your eyes on our seafood boil which contains: shrimp, mussels, crab legs, corn, potatoes & kielbasa! (which I had absolutely NO part in making... Heather, you are ahhhmazing!) 

I tried my first mussel - & liked it!

Billy swung in a hammock - & liked it! ;)

Sunday was more yard work and a little art project for me and A-bomb.

Trying to get a 5 month old to spread her hand out on a piece of paper is a recipe for disaster. Hence the reason why it looks likea big blob of ink.

& I’ll leave you of this picture of my two loves. Which I took while I was laying on the cold tile floor. Because what feels better than a cold tile floor when you are hungover and about to vom….. NOTHING!

Happy Monday!

Ps... Looking at these pictures makes me realize how badly I need a real camera. Husband??.... Parents??.... Bueller?? 

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