So What! Wednesday.

Today I am linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for So what Wednesdays!

These are things that I am saying ‘so what’ to today;

So what if I:

- Added something to my ‘to do’ list even though I knew I had already completed it, just so I could cross something off.

- Looked down at my hands and realized how gross my nails were, so I went and bought an $8 pair of PRESS ON nails (yes, with glue) and stuck them on my fingers and have NEVER received more compliments on how my nails look. Best idea ever?! Yes, yes it was.

- Carrying around a Ziploc baggie in my purse full of said nails as replacements (in case when one pops off).

- Bought a new, pretty water bottle in an effort to start drinking more water. I needed a little inspiration! So far, its working like a champ!

- Asked Billy this morning if I could ‘sleep in’ on Saturday. Aka, he wakes up with A-bomb at 7:30am and I sleep for a little longer. (Spoiler alert: he said yes! Best husband ever!)

- Needed to bring breakfast to work this morning for a potluck & I took the easy way out and put cut up fruit on kabobs and stuck donut holes on the ends. They were a hit and I have NONE to take home!

- Gave a mom at daycare a dirty look when she pulled into the parking spot next to me, while I was trying to get A out of the car and her kid slammed her door into my door and didn’t even apologize. I also secretly wished she had a bad day after that.

- Brought my lunch to work today, but decided I wanted Publix Sushi instead.

What are you saying ‘So what’ to today??! 

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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