Cat's out of the bag...

Well, now that it is over, I can talk about our weekend.

My wonderful, patient, hero of a mother has spent the last 10 days in Boston helping my grandparents get through some medical problems. The things that she has been able to accomplish in this time frame is nothing short of a miracle. Her trip was originally supposed to only be Friday to Sunday. And then extended to Wednesday and now, here we are on Sunday (I'm typing from the plane) and she is finally on her way home. After deciding she would stay until Sunday, my dad decided he was going to fly up on Friday to help her out.... One thing led to another and he decided we should all go up. So, 4 airline tickets and unaccountable amounts of dollars later we were all on our way to Boston Friday afternoon (without my mom knowing we were coming!!). We landed at Logan Airport around 11:30pm on Friday and got to my moms hotel a little after midnight. She was so thrilled to see us all there! It was a very long 2 days for us, 10 days for her, but couldn't have imagined spending my weekend any other way.

I'll let pictures tell the rest of the trip;

We were NOT prepared for the 30 degree weather we landed in. So much so, that I wearing socks on my hands.
They are the two cutest people on the planet. They melt my heart. (Yes, I blurred out our red, puffy eyes.) 
Despite the looks, they were really happy to see us ;) 

& a collection of the beverages that got me through the weekend. 

Side note: it's possible I have the most amazing husband. Not wanting to take Abigail on a plane at the last minute for only 2 days, he worked some sort of magic and was able to get the whole weekend off and stayed home with her. While I know he LOVED spending time with his girl, I know he wanted to be with us. He pulled through in the best way possible. And it deserves a shout out! And I know, one day he will think back to that time that he spent the whole weekend with his daughter, only to have her blowout of a diaper and pee all over him & in a Ruby Tuesday bathroom SINK and laugh..... One day ;)

Monday is Abigail's half birthday! I can't believe we have a six month old!!

Happy Sunday Funday! I made the best of mine, 2 double vodkas; airplane style.

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