Festive Halloween!

I'm linking up with Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Friday iPhone dump because that is essentially what this post is. Except it is all Halloween photos. Enjoy!

We have a pretty big Halloween contest at work every year. Our departments theme was 80's this year. We had THE best time and may have even put on a little 'jazzersize' performance instructed by Richard Simmons. 

I was a busy the night before Halloween making cupcakes for B's work and for our Halloween festivities at work, which included making four different neon colored icing bowls. 

The finished product of the icing. Rubix Cube neon cupcakes with an assist from my friend Heather and her Chocolate Covered Cookies splattered with neon icing! 

These are the cupcakes I made for B's work. Topped with marshmallow ghosts. Boo! 

I was SO excited to see that my girl got to participate in the Halloween parade at her daycare. Yes, they put all of the little babies in their cribs and rolled them around the parking lot with all the rest of the kids! 

Our little skeleton. I didn't do much for her costume this year because she can't walk, goes to bed at 7pm and wasn't trick or treating... But I'm already planning her outfit for next year. Does anyone have any spare tulle lying around? :) 

She makes my heart MELT!

Cousins in the same costume. Love it! 

This is our neighbors house. They did SUCH a good job. They had a full on haunted driveway complete with fog machines and dead people hanging from the trees. 

And a graveyard! 

When we got home, we decided that we had to go to AT LEAST one house... I mean she had a pumpkin bucket for crying out loud! ; ) 

We had a great night and ended up having to turn our lights off early because we ran out of candy! 

I'm a little overly excited about the fact that it is November 1st. Bring on the Holidays!! 

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  1. OMG the crib picture is hillarious!! I wonder if my day care did that for their parade, they took a group photo so I thought that was it, but maybe they did that too, I'll have to ask! Your cupcakes came out super cute!