Friday Favorites

.// this conversation with my dad. (which obviously needs no additional explaination.)

.// my standing baby. i picked her up from daycare wednesday night and her teacher asked me if she had ever stood up in her crib before. i said no and she replied 'well she does now.' long story short, my child got so pissed that she climbed up the bars of her crib and just stood there, screaming. when we got home, i put her in her crib for a minute and sure enough, when i looked back, she was standing up. from there, we figured out how to lower her crib mattress, basically to the floor and never looked back. if my child starts walking before she is 7 months, i might have a heart attack.

.// my new desk decorations. i was trolling around Home Goods the other day and i found these pencils that looked like a tree. they couldn't have made it into my cart fast enough.

.// chicken caesar salad. billy decided to whip this baby up this week and it was delicious. we made it with yogurt based bolthouse farms casear parmigiano dressing (which might be the best dressing i have ever tasted), so it was pretty healthy too. only down side? we cooked the chicken on the grill and about 30 minutes later we had a bear in the backyard.

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& before i go.. we can't forget about back that azz up friday with Whitney aka Queen Yoga Pants!

my song is inspired by the mushy feeling i have while i'm typing this out thursday night, 4 bud lights in. this is one of mine & billy's favorite songs.

Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band on Grooveshark
Happy Friday!!


  1. I love DMB and this song. Happy Friday!!

  2. How old is your baby girl!? Is she standing and she's not 7 months old yet!?!? That's incredible. She must be very strong. My little floppy, puddle of mush just turned 8 months old yesterday and she crawls sort of shimmies backwards. She definitely can't stand on her own yet. BUT, I have a friend with a daughter three weeks younger than mine and she's crawling forwards and is very solid and strong. So all babies are different, it's just fun to see how they all differ from each other when they're so close in age!
    She's pretty damn cute, by the way. ( I see she likes to chew on EVERYTHING too...)

    1. Thanks Haley! My daughter will be 6 months on Monday! She has done everything really early on which gives me a panic attack on most days ;) she started crawling (really crawling) about 3 weeks ago and has just kept going ever since! When I walked in an saw her standing in her crib, I nearly had a heart attack ;)

  3. P.S. Abigail is the name of my friend's baby. Gee, maybe it's an "Abigail" thing;)