i can't believe...

that I have a SIX MONTH OLD!

This month has been SO fun! There is nothing more amazing than watching my daughter discover new things for the first time.
It seems like from 5-6 months, there have been SO many milestones that Abigail has hit!
\\ holding her own bottle & feeding herself.
\\ started eating two 'meals' a day.
\\ stood up in her crib all by herself
\\ started playing with her toys and entertaining herself with them
\\ smiles every morning when we go in her h room to wake her up.
She HATES being on her changing table. Whether it is to change her diaper and change her clothes, she squirms and cries until you pick her back up.
Her teething is getting OUT OF CONTROL. She chews on everything she can wrap her mouth around. We are still waiting for some teeth to pop through, but I don't think it is too far out.
This girl has stolen every piece of our hearts;

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