thanksgiving recap.

we had such a great thanksgiving at the huff house! even though it was just the six of us, it was so nice to spend time together, have target practice in our backyard, play pumpkin baseball & eat until we couldn't breathe. we accomplished all of the above effortlessly. I'm still working on the breathing. #oink. 

it's going to be a picture heavy post today. there were just too many good ones not to post. 

who knew feet could make me this happy?!

so thankful for this guy.

our spread. covered a beer pong table (oh, what's that? you just call it a folding table....weird.) with brown postal paper from at the container store & labled all the dishes. it was a fun little touch, not that anyone wouldn't know where the turkey was.

this might be my most favorite picture of all time. this is mid pumpkin smash baseball. if you look closely you can see i'm swining a bat. apparently i'm good at baseball because i SMASHED every pumpkin that came my way. which in turn caused Billy to duck and cover when the pumpkin guts went flying. we had an absolute blast.

part of our table. i bought small brown paper bags and put a napkin and the silverware in them. labled them with each person's name. love how they turned out. centerpeice was just the leftover fake pumpkins from halloween and Billy went out and found me some twigs.

whole view.

i was pumped about my caprese salad contribution & it was a hit!

target practice with pumpkins and beer cans. our backyard officially looks like a hot mess. i'm sure it will attract bears. i'm also sure i'm moving out.
my whole world. so thankful for them.

homegirl went to town on a turkey leg. she loved it!

momma & sissy.
parents. love.
our breakfast & bubbly station. mimosas. bellinis. bloodys. apple cider. thirsty yet?
not pictured: the 5pm comas naps that ensued. there was drool. there was snoring. there was pure happiness.
i hope you all had a perfect thanksgiving! filled with love and champagne.

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