Wearing Winter

I can’t get enough of the winter wardrobe possibilities that are happening for the little ones right now. Is there anything better than a plushy, snuggly baby? Answer: No, no there isn’t.

I am dying over all of these picks. I wish I could stock Abigail’s closet up with all of them. Expect she would never be able to wear some of them because we live in Florida. Land of 60 degrees in the morning, 90 degrees by lunch.

I will probably end up snagging her the ‘heart’ you t-shirt though. Baby’s in t-shirts make my heart do a little dance.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today. I’m off to prepare for A’s first modeling gig tomorrow (stay tuned) ;)

& I'll leave you with a little  #tbt action; one day old Baby A.

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