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Happy Friday, loves! 

Today's post is going to be all over the place. A little bit of fun, a little bit of serious & a whole lot of cute (showing you more Abigail Christmas photos, duh.)! 

& for our serious & FUN! topic of the day.... 

My cousin Heidi is being a total badass and has a trip planned to Mentawai in 2014. Mentawai is a small village in Indonesia that lacks basic things we all need to survive (basic hygiene skills, clean water, nutritious foods, etc.). Why am I telling you this you ask? Because she needs help getting there! She has set up a GoFundMe site which details her trip a little more than I have and on there, there is an option to donate to her trip. If you are interested in helping her get there & helping change the lives of so many people who so desperately need it, click here

& now, I present to you my Blogmopolitan Quiz courtesy of Erin @ Two Thirds Hazel. 

As I was about to send a text message today, I took a peek at my recently used emojis and it gave me a chuckle. Please note, 75% of them are food related.  

Last week, I picked Abigail up from daycare and they told me that she has met Santa that day. Apparently, they forgot to tell the infant room that Santa was coming for pictures so naturally Abigail was wearing a onsie that didn't fit her chunk body and no pants (it was laundry day people, stop judging me). They told me that she was NOT a fan of the white haired man and that they snapped a few pictures that I would be able to see in a few days. 

I give you.... Abigail's 1st Santa encounter. 

i. die. 

& one more photo because I just can't get enough. Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook, but if not... 

I hope your weekend is filled with Christmas movies, twinkling lights & spiked egg nog! 
Cheers, dears! 

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