giveaway winner.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! 

It's going to be another short one for me today. I'm knee deep in ribbon & scotch tape and trying to figure out who the hell finds joy in wrapping presents. I really don't like it. I'd rather drink vodka and watch Home Alone forty two times in my Christmas pjs, thank you very much! 

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who entered my very first giveaway! I had a blast reading your comments and tweets and I'm so glad that you are all here reading what I have to say! 

& now for our winner; 

Jenn C. For liking Baby A and Mama J on Facebook! 
Congrats Jenn! 
(& incase anyone was curious or doesn't know how rafflecopter works... The winner is completely auto generated. I have ZERO say in who wins.) 

This definitely won't be the last giveaway, it was too much fun! ;)

I'll be back after Christmas with some fun new posts (including all of our Christmas loot!!) 

Thank you all again so much!! 

xoxoxoxoxo; mama j. 

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