Holiday Festivness.

Goodness, I love Christmas! Seriously, there is no better time! I'm already starting to get sad that the holiday season is almost over. I think I slide into a deep depression the day after Christmas. Can't we just celebrate all year long?! 

I wanted to share some of the festive things we have had going around over here the past couple of weeks. I've been busy making teacher gifts, decorating the house, making ugly sweaters and putting in my fake hair for christmas parties ;) It's been so busy and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Lets start with taking a peek at quite possibly the most magical picture to ever live on the internet. 

she kills me.  

we had an ugly sweater contest in my department at work. i won. ;) 

 this is the moment that all of the billions of dollars we spend to send my daughter to daycare was worth it. her first craft. seriously, i could die. 

 we had a few chilly-ish mornings here in florida last week. which meant breakfast was had with snuggles & lots of blankets. 

 work christmas party. this picture makes me so happy for so many reasons. 

nathan had his Christmas celebration at school and they did a play called the 'OK Corral'. he nailed his part and had everyone laughing. 

the next few pictures are just ones i snapped of some of the decorations around the house. You may have seen some of them before, but most are new. 

i added some garland and a festive pillow to A's teepee & it's officially christmas style.  

we did a small tree in the dining room this year with all of our 'fun' ornaments on it. the ones we have collected over the years. 

after i came home from Target with this purchase, billy demanded that i give him my debit card. i was fired. he doesn't get it. i think its adorable! and it is is currently holding all of my necklaces from it's antlers ;) 

 the presents are getting out of hand. santa hasn't even visited yet! ;) 

i strung some twine across a hallway and held it up with some washi tape and used clothespins to hang our christmas cards. Billy hates it, i love it. it could have something to do with the fact that he is 6'5 & hits his head on it, constantly. 

TEACHER GIFTS; i was struggling with what to do because Abigail JUST switched to the 'big girl' room this past Monday. I wanted to give something to the teachers who had her for the past 6 months but also wanted to do something for her new teachers, which left me with SEVEN gifts. Yikes.
So, what we have here is donuts and munchkins in clear plastic treat bags tied together with some twine. I printed out these labels and attached them to some green card stock. easy, affordable & cute ;) 

I hope your holiday season is shaping up to be a fabulous one filled with enough treats and booze to get you through all of those family gatherings ;) 


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  1. That face in the first picture.. I die from cuteness! I love what you did with the teepee.

    1. Thanks! :) & I know, i can't believe the first picture. Im ordering it on a canvas now!