Weekend Recap.

The dust has settled and the wishbone has been cracked in half. Thanksgiving is officially over and it will be Christmas posts and holiday cheer on this ole blog for the next 30 days. Get pumped, people! 

Before that, I wanted to recap my semi, not so exciting weekend. We didn't do much except Saturday night, the 3 mama's in my family took a girls night out and went to dinner & a concert. Much needed.

 Here's a look into my weekend: 

You are looking at the extent of my black Friday shopping. This cup and I had some deep, romantic quality time on Friday morning. You see, I had the day off. Daycare was open. So like the mother of the year I clearly am, I brought my child to school and sat my happy ass on the couch all day. OK, not all day. I decorated for Christmas and did 14 loads of dishes from Thanksgiving. It was a magical day off but I couldn't have been more excited to go pick my girl up at the end of the day. #dontjudgeme

Saturday night; sister, mama and I got all dolled up in our country best to go see Lee Brice in concert at the House of Blues. We of course went for dinner and drinks beforehand. It was an absolute blast! 

About halfway through the show, Lee Brice mentioned he has a special guest with him that he wanted to bring out. And then started talking about the show 'Nashville'. I don't watch the show, but everyone got pretty excited. & then out walked Charles Esten, who plays Deacon on the show. 

Lee Brice :) 

& here are a few things I learned from going to the House of Blues for a concert.
one// it is entirely too hot in there to be wearing a head full of weave. unfortunately learned this one the hard way.
two// apparently, girls get so drunk that they can't make it to the toilet to use the bathroom. & i'm not talking about pee here people. it happened. and it was traumatizing. 
three// huge $10 beers can also double as ice packs when forced to be in a sardine can of people in an establishment that clearly turned off the air just for fun. 
four// drunk girls are really annoying. & i am fully aware that i have probably been that girl too many times to count. and it makes me want to punch myself in the face. 

I have no pictures from Sunday. Well, none that I am going to show to you right now ;) I decided to do a little photoshoot with A on Sunday night before Billy got home and the pictures actually turned out amazing! As soon as her school holiday photos get posted (WHERE ARE YOU?!?!) I am going to do a full photo post :) 

& the last thing from me today... Once my blog's Facebook page hits 200 'likes' I will be doing a giveaway on the bloggy blog! And you don't want to miss it! So, if you are reading this and you don't currently follow me on Facebook, click here and get us closer to the giveaway! 

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  1. Emily goes to day care on my days off too #nojudgement sometimes you just need some mommy time and if you have to pay regardless she may as well go! (I know a lot of people probably think poorly on that but I'm with you!)