a day in the life. 01.14.14

as promised, here is my first edition of 'a day in the life'. phew, it was actually a lot of work remembering to take pictures of the little things that I do on a daily basis. 

this tuesday was a little different than normal. billy pretty much always has tuesdays off of work. but this one was different because abigail stayed home with daddy today. she wasn't feeling great, so we kept her out of school. 

here is what a not-so-typical tuesday looks like for us. 

my alarm goes off bright & early at 5:30am. i don't usually crawl out of my big, comfy bed until about 6am though. first stop; a HUGE cup of green tea (read also; i hate coffee).

i try & get some work done while i drink my tea, before everyone else wakes up. it is the most quiet my house is all day so it's easy to concentrate and get things accomplished. i usually pay bills, write posts & check the news social media.

shower, hair & makeup is next. organizing in on my very long list of things to do. this makeup drawer is a hot mess. 

8am; this is how my kid wakes up. every. single. morning. she is so happy. billy & i usually fight over who gets to go in and wake her up. we usually settle it in a complete adult like way. playing rock, paper, scissors. (grow up peter pan)
side note: we usually have to wake A up around 7am everyday. but since Billy was staying home with her, we let her sleep until I had to leave for work. 

the weather in florida has been crazier than Lindsay Lohan after a 3 day bender. seriously, 80 degrees one day, 32 the next. i can't keep up. so i layer. 

my view as i was leaving my house to go to work. how badly do you think i wanted to just plop back down and call it a day after seeing this? 
my 3 loves. 
not pictured; the mound of clean clothes that is still was piled next to Billy. 

8:30am (should be 8:15, sorry boss)
i always start my day with more tea and my handy dandy notebook. this thing is my life. it organizes my life. i'm planning on doing a whole post on it. but it houses my to do list, shopping lists, bills to pay, paid bills, important documents and papers. 

a preview of my 'to do' list. i actually made this template after seeing something similar on Pinterest. It keeps me in check for all of the days important things. 

a group of girls in my office hit the pavement usually twice a day. we walk a mile each time and then climb the 5 flights of stairs back to our office. it sucks & we all sound like we have emphysema when we get back, but it is nice to get some fresh air. 

taking a work break to pick out food for my dads birthday celebration tonight. 

i love dodging people and riding the elevator all the way down to the first floor by myself. there is nothing worse than the awkward elevator silence and stares. 

i walked out of my office building to go to lunch & to my surprise, billy & abigail were waiting for me in the parking lot to take me to lunch! we decided on a quite bite at chills. we haven't been in quite some time and i was surprise to see these computers at each table. you can order apps, drinks, food, pay your check (including swiping your card, tipping & signing). so clever! 

my lunch dates ;) 

3pm looked a little something like this. 
chatting with comcast to get them to take my cable equipment back. i might hate comcast as much as bright house. (did i just say that?!
direct tv; you have my heart. 

i got home earlier than usual since i wasn't picking up the munchkin from daycare. i relieved daddy of his duties and sent him on a (relaxing?!) run. 

i started on my mama duties. 

& had play time. daddy came back around 6pm.

is bathtime. every night. homegirl gets pissed when she stays up past 7pm. 
we put her to sleep with a bottle every night & she falls fast asleep. & yes, if you are paying attention, we do put her to bed at 7pm and she doesn't wake up until 7/8am the next morning. 
we know how lucky we are. 
dont hate us. 

mama worked out & watched some DVR'd shows to numb the pain of sweat dripping in my eyes. 
so dramatic. 

& billy cooks dinner. 
(i know, i'm a lucky gal.)

in between working out & dinner, i started our taxes. how boring. & couldn't snap any pictures without someone out there stealing my identity, again

this is how i ended my day. 
pictured in the corner: bath bombs, bath salts & bubble bars. 
mama loves her baths. 

my phone went on the charger across the room at 10:33pm. 
also, I think you can tell a lot about a person by what the first page of their iPhone looks like ;) 

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