eight month old.

abigail is eight months old & mama and daddy are loving it. 

this month, we introduced all kinds of new foods. we were at my parents one day and my mom decided to make Ab a grilled cheese (her first real table food) and she ate AN ENTIRE SANDWICH. the next day at daycare I told her teachers it was officially a free for all (except eggs) and to give her all the foods. baby girl still has ZERO teeth but she is the master of chewing/gumming. she loves grilled cheeses, all vegetables, chicken.. I don't think there is anything she doesn't like. & she is still a tiny little thing. 

walking has become more of a reality this month. she walks while pushing her toys or walker and loves to hold our hands and walk everywhere
she stands by herself with no assistance for about 15-30 seconds and then she falls on her butt when she realizes what she is doing. 

she loves playing peek-a-boo with daddy. 

& loves to rub mamas arm when I pick her up and hold her. 

nap time at home is a struggle. she still loves her swing. we are still trying to break her of that. 

she still sleeps 13+ hours a night. & yes, we know how lucky we are. 

she is so happy & her personality is starting to shine through more and more everyday. 

8 months is so fun. we love this girl more than life.

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