life lately.

Oh, hi ya'll! 
Do you feel abandoned?! 
I've been super MIA lately & I wish I could tell you it was for good reason. But it's not. 
I've been lazy. & unmotivated. 

We have had a busy week & I figured photos would be a good way to catch you all up ;)  

Abigail got to hang out with her best friend, Mallory at her 1st birthday party. Billy was in charge of wagon rides and the girls loved it!!

We did some hammock lounging. 

& the best cake smash of all time occurred. 

This picture is included because it looks like she has a straight up Mohawk. I love this kids hair. I love it even more when people ask me if I style is that way. WHAT?! 

I have the very best view while blow drying my hair in the morning :) 

Back story: pretty much every day, billy gets Abigail ready for school while I'm getting ready for work. He goes into work an hour later than me, so it works well for us. Monday morning, while he was getting A dressed, I walked in and saw the outfit he had laying out. 
This is how the conversation went; 
Me: (pointing to the outfit) Is this what is happening today? 
Billy: yes, why? 
Me: do we think this matches?
Billy: um, it's hearts on hearts. So yeah. 
Guess what Abigail wore to school that day?! 
It's a work in progress people ;) 

I had to redeem our child so she wouldn't be the weird girl in class, so I picked out her cutest outfit to wear the next day. This is the best picture I could get. Model, she is not. ;) 

Knee cap hearts. I die. 

My tissue paper garland found it's home in Abigail's room! I love that way it turned out and think it brings her room together perfectly! 

I made myself a vanity for my room out of an old desk we weren't using. It still needs a few things (like a light) but I love it! I'm able to open the blinds to get natural light in and it's nice being able to sit down and do my makeup every morning. 

Also worth mentioning;
 remember that trip that I was totally stressing out over but super excited to go on with my little family?! Well, it's been postponed. We are hoping to reschedule it in March but have no set plans yet. Billy got a promotion at work (oh heyyyy General Manager!!) so we had to push it back so he could tackle all of his new (huge) responsibilities. 
We are bummed, but SO proud of him! He has worked so hard and totally deserves it!! 

That's all I've got for today! 

I've got another fun AND EASY diy coming your way tomorrow! And hopefully our spare bedroom reveal coming next week! 

Happy day after hump day! ;) 


  1. looking at this post I now know for sure you have a permanent headband on this child....talking about the morning photo where she is not even dressed yet LOL

  2. Loling at the outfit your hubs picked out! What is it with guys?! Love the leggings though!!!