the last 5 days..

brrr. this florida girl is chill-ayy (i know, i know it is like -327 degrees in most parts of the U.S, I've seen ALL your Facebook posts)!!

the cold weather was the perfect excuse to bring out my puffy vest, which in turn promoted my very first (& dear god, hopefully my LAST) bathroom selfie. at work. #shameless #loser 

I've kind of neglected the ole' blog here for the last few days. i've been so lazy busy. So I figured I would catch you all back up with a photo overload. (aka; i'm still so lazy busy & don't feel like typing too many words. my fingers are frozen ;) I promise I'll be back soon with something actually worth reading. 

Let's begin, shall we

This little girl is loving bath time. We have slowly transitioned her out of using her baby tub and just plopping her cute little butt right in the normal tub. She has great balance, but we also purchased an anti-skidding mat to keep her from falling. she loves it. and loves to watch the water drain from the tub at the end. 

Saturday was a perfect morning. I caught this picture while we were all snuggling in bed. We literally did not leave our house all day. And stayed in pajamas all day as well. Which you'll notice in the next few pictures. Any day that Abigail can stay in ONE outfit without shitting out of it or puking all over it, I'm totally game. #laundryforlife 

We figured 7 & a half months was a good age to start pulling her weight with household chores. We made her help Daddy take down the Christmas decorations. ;) 

Homegirl is officially eating pretty much all solid foods. She still has 4 bottles a day, but she eats the school lunches (today was chicken nuggets, oh dear.) and we feed her pretty much anything we have on hand at home. This day was a banana and some green beans. 


Saturday night was spent doodling on the playroom chalkboard. This is my favorite drawing I've done so far. I am loving the 'bunting banner' with all the color in the corners. 

Her face just kills me. I love her so much. 

& then this happened last night. I put A down on the floor in the living room while I packed away her bottles from the day. & then I heard a scratching noise on the ground, turned around and saw THIS. I panicked. & i'm pretty sure the words 'holy shit' came out. this girl, i just can't. 

We ended our night tonight with a grocery trip to Target, complete with some Starbucks and furry hats. 

& now I have to ask a favor of all you beautiful blog readers. I'm purchasing MY FIRST (eeeekkk!) pair of Hunter boots and I can't decide on a color. In the picture below, the right pair looks black, but they are actually navy. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. I want a pair that I will be able to wear with black & brown outfits, but I also want them to be FUN! Do me a favor? Leave me a comment (below or on my Facebook) of which color you like best. 
Also, if any of you actually own a pair, can you tell me what the sizing is like? Since having Abigail, some of my size 7 & a half size shoes are too small, some still fit. & I've heard that Hunters run big. & they don't do half sizes. So I'm completely torn on which size to get. HELP ME! ;) 

Now that I have bored you with the contents of my iPhone (someone buy me a real camera, pretty please), I'm going to go put my adult onsie on & snuggle up on the couch with my heater on. (shhhhh, northerns!) 

Have a good Tuesday night! I promise to be back super soon with something more entertaining ;) 


  1. Get red, I want red ones so cute.

  2. Hi there! I like the Blue Lily color (or maybe it's Feather Blue). They're fun! For the size issue, try going to, if you haven't looked there already. There are over 1000 different reviews, comments on sizing and size charts. Personally, I wear a nine and I bought the nine. They are a little big but not overly big. The eight may have fit but would have been snug.
    You're daughter is so cute and you are a lucky mama!

    1. Thank you SO much for this comment! I actually went to Zappos as soon as I read this and took your advice! I ended up getting the Navy color and they just got here today and FIT PERFECTLY!! I'm thinking my next pair will be in a bright, fun color :) Thank you so much for the suggestion!! & thanks for following the blog ;)

  3. Your baby girl is adorable! She is five months older than my son so I am having a blast reading through your posts and seeing what we have to look forward to in the coming months! It is definitely helping to combat my sadness that he is not a tiny newborn anymore. Crazy, I know!

    1. Aw congrats on your baby boy! Isn't it SO much fun?! I'm glad you are following along... it just keeps getting better! :)