wedding weekend recap.

my sister got married this weekend! 

the whole family trekked off to St. Augustine on Saturday and spent the weekend at the cutest little bed & breakfast. she got married on Sunday at the B&B and it was beautiful. 

here are some pictures (sorry, just on my iPhone) of the weekend! 

saturday was abigail's eight month birthday. so naturally, we started the day off with a paparazzi photo session. the b&b had so many cute trinkets and areas to take photos. 

there was a piano in the main house, which billy took advantage of. 

i love this picture so much. abigail was loving playing the piano with her daddy. 

photo-bombing the bride & my father was a must

Jaclyn & Joe got married on my parents 30th wedding anniversary. which seems to be a trend in my family. mine & billy's wedding was on my grandparents 55th anniversary ;) 

 the only family picture we managed to get was a selfie. it happens

the rest of sunday was spent strolling through downtown st. augustine. these two pictures were the last ones i took before A decided to projectile vomit across the nice restaurant we were eating at for dinner. she is battling some sort of bug so we are hunkering down with some tylenol and lysol. 

see you tomorrow for my first edition of 'a day in the life'! 

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