better late than never.

I figured Tuesday night was the perfect time to finally post a weekend recap. 
I'm such a slacker lately. 
Could be because Abigail has been sicker than sick & I'm just mentally and physically EXHAUSTED
I ended up staying home with baby girl pretty much all week last week (minus Monday and Thursday morning when daddy kicked in). It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with her, but I was SO ready for a break by Friday. 
Every diaper change was like I was killing her (thanks diaper rash chemical burn) & the constant crying from finally cutting her first two teeth and her first ear infection. 
Needless to say, mama was more than ready to go bobbing for grapes in a barrel full of wine. 
I'm happy to report, A is finally all healed and back at school with all her friends. 

Here's a look at how our weekend went: 

Abigail was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her daddy on Friday afternoon. But I had to break it to her that he wouldn't be home until after she was in bed. 
So, to cure our stir craziness, we went over to nanna and grampy's house to play with the new play table that grampy set up in the playroom!

I have zero pictures from Saturday but it went a little something like this: 
Wake up. Take a really long walk. Nap time. Daddy went to work. Mama and A went to the most perfect little baby shower for a very special Baby R. Surprise visit with daddy at work for dinner. BED TIME. 

Moving on to Sunday: 

We woke up and couldn't get out of the house fast enough. Clearly, since we were all still wearing PJs. We took the mile-ish walk to the park and swung on the swings until we were dizzy. 

After Abigail passed out in the stroller on the way home, we did a successful stroller to crib transfer and enjoyed some silence in the house. Literally, I think Billy and I just sat on the couch, staring into space for about an hour. No talking, no TV. Just silence. And it was beautiful! 

Naptime OVER! 

We ended up heading over to my parents house for the rest of the day. 

Overall, it was a great weekend and we are so happy our baby girl is feeling so much better! 

And, I will leave you with one of my favorite things from today. 
Even Abigail's daycare teachers know that Billy doesn't exactly dress her in the best outfits. 

I dropped her off this morning and she looked ADORABLE in a little chambray dress. Her teacher assumed I dressed her and when I told her Billy did, she couldn't believe it. When I picked her up this afternoon, this was written on her daily sheet ;) 

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  1. A ton of baking soda in the bath water will clear up a diaper rash FAST. My kiddo gets "burns" like that from mango and apples :(