A photoshoot and a baby shower!

Phew! This weekend was a busy one, but oh so fun!

My mom and I threw my sister a little baby shower sprinkle on Saturday and we will get to that in a minute but first, Abigail had a little impromptu photo shoot on Saturday and I could just die over the pictures. My aunt is a photographer and while I was busy party prepping, she was outside with A snapping away.
I ended up editing them once they were on the computer because I am impatient ;)

Which one is your favorite?!

Moving right along..

I love how the shower turned out.
We went with simple decorations and cute little touches to make it nice and girly. I only really took pictures of the food table (shocking, I know) but love the way everything photographed.

I made all of the food labels and printed them on card stock. We attached them to toothpicks/skewers with tape and stuck them in the food.

These were SUCH a hit!
Instead of a traditional 'favor', I decided to make everyone a cup to use for the day. We bought two cases of mason jars, these labels, these straws and used a silver sharpie to write everyones names.
We drilled holes in the lids for the straws and if you look closely in the back right corner, you can see the bowl full of lids for people to screw on.
This eliminated SO many plastic cups and actually got people drinking the punch we made instead of heading STRAIGHT to the beer cans ;) Everyone got to take their cups home and it was less cleanup after the party was over.

Just to add a little more pop of color, I took a 24 case of water and cut all of the labels off. We found this duct tape at Target and I cut strips off and wrapped it around each bottle. SO easy and it really added a nice punch of color.

Confession: these cupcakes are from Sam's Club.
I just didn't have the time to make them while doing everything else.
The cupcakes came home with little diaper pin decorations on them and I thought they looked hideous. So I ripped them out and replaced them with these ;)
Again, these were printed on card stock and we attached them to toothpicks/skewers and stuck them in the cupcakes.
We spent Sunday relaxing and cleaning up. Mama even got to take a nap!!
My dad heated their pool so it was warm enough for us to get in for a bit. Which obviously thrilled me since Abigail had this little number just WAITING to be put on!

Now it's on to our first family vacation!
Once the clock hits 5pm today, I am officially out of work for 8 days and I couldn't be more excited!
We hit the road tomorrow night (attempting to drive through the night and hope that Abigail sleeps through the whole drive) and should arrive in VA around 7/8am on Wednesday.
And I'm pretty sure it is snowing. I don't know if I should be excited or scared.

Stay tuned... ;)

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