another one bites the dust.

Another month down. Another month closer to having a one year old.
I can't believe I just typed those words!

We had a bumpy month this time around.
-- Abigail got her very first ear infection. While she was cutting her first two teeth.
-- In addition, she had some tummy troubles which caused some serious poop-capades which resulted in some serious diaper rash. my girl was hurtin'!
--We stayed home together a lot this month.
-- We took our first family vacation! Abigail was a rockstar while traveling and you can read all about that here and here.
-- Abigail has been doing some serious waving and clapping and it melts our hearts everytime.
-- While in Virginia, she discovered that her legs are strong enough to stand up from a sitting postion without the help of anyone/thing. Which means she is officially on the loose.
-- Her walking is becoming more stable and less drunken sailor-like.
-- She pulled out her first pot from the kitchen cabinet last night and started hitting the ground with it. Billy and I just sat there and laughed at her.
-- Abigail got to meet Billy's entire side of the family this month and it was SO fun!
-- She is NOT fond of facial hair on men. Hates it in fact.
-- Most of the men on Billy's side of the family has facial hair (see above for dilemma).
-- Abigail brought back the old school days of blowouts in the car seat. Cleaning it up in various parts of the United States was NOT so fun.
-- Still no 'mama' yet. but she loves saying 'dada'. And I swear sometimes I catch her having conversations with herself.
-- She discovered that she can click her tounge and blow spit bubbles with her lips. It's overly entertaining.
This girl is SO fun and I'm SO glad she is all ours ;)
Per usual.... the outakes:

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