Friday Favorites!

my glorious cup o' sharpie pens. there is nothing I love more than a sharpie fine tip pen. (ok, there are a few things I love more, but very few!)
I have all of these sitting on my desk at work and the majority of them get used on a daily basis. Just looking at them makes me happy!

my best friend had these waiting on my desk for me thursday afternoon after we both went our separate ways for lunch. she told me to immediately try one because they were THAT good. & let me tell you, they are THAT good!
They are the perfect amount of chocolate to curb any cravings you may have!
thanks, heather!

Abigail's First Birthday Invitations.
Even after an issue with the printing, I am so obsessed with the way they turned out.
 I'll be sure to share them with you once they are in the mail :)

this top coat matte nailpolish.
I wanted to do something different with my nails this week so I picked up this top coat from target. It takes away the shine and instead gives your nails a matte finish. & I kind of love how they turned out!

my new cookie jar.
enough said.

my spiky haired baby. 
she is starting to rock a serious half mullet half mohawk & i'm starting to love it! 

hope your weekend if full of sunshine & chocolate!
Link-up courtesy of Heather!  


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