I married a KING! (& the rest of our trip shenanigans)

Do you guys remember that time that I was on a roadtrip and Abigail had a major blowout on i95? 
And then we had to change her on a picnic table at a rest area because a dude was taking a shit in the family restroom?
And I would only know this because he didn't lock the door and I opened it on him......

Welcome to the last 24 hours of our lives roadtripping with a baby. 

We actually had a really great time and Abigail was SUCH a trooper through the whole thing. She was a rock star in the car, despite the above mentioned shitstorm, plus another one in South Carolina, which we had to take care of at a gas pump at 1am. 

::Pictures from the rest of our trip:: 

We ate entirely too much food. 

& drank entirely too many hot beverages. 
Cold weather for the win! 

I jumped in way too many 6 foot snow piles. 

& Abigail love love loves her grannie.

We got to meet so many family members and abigail got to hang out with sweet cousins. 

Walks in the snow. (more playing for mama)

I remembered that I was married to royalty. Heyyyy prom king. 

& then we hit the road. 

Since we knew Abigail would be restless traveling in a car for 12 hours (awake) we wanted to break up the trip a bit. So we decided to take a dinner stop in North Carolina to meet up with my sweet, sweet cousin and her two kiddos. 

{{Love you guys!! & missed you john!!}}

Billy wouldn't let me stop. What a buzz kill ;)

& because it's too funny not to share, this is what a car looks like when you are traveling with a baby..... 

hi baby! 

Such a great trip! 

Today marks Abigail's 10 month birth day.... Which is hard for me to wrap my head around.
 First birthday party plans are my focus from here on out! 

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