Mohawks & the (almost) Emergency Room visit

Get ready for an Abigail overload.
Apparently she was all I wanted to take pictures of this weekend.
 Granted, we did spend every minute together while daddy was off at work.

Friday night was spent stuffing envelopes full of the most magical invitations to ever grace a mailbox! I just love how they turned out & I'm excited that I get to share them now!

Saturday morning we had big plans of hitting up some garage/estate sales that were in our neighborhood, but first we needed breakfast!
After realizing that our favorite little cafe didn't open until 10am (?!?!) we decided to hit up Perkins, the classiest of all establishments.
We shoved our faces full of food and decided we were way too full to walk around and bargain hunt. So we went home and took naps instead.
Fatties for the win!

Daddy went to work later in the afternoon on Saturday so it was just me and my girl for the rest of the day.
We played with ate blocks, played in our teepee & made soapy mohawks in the bathtub.

Sunday morning, we played in a sea of headbands & picked out our favorites.

We went and hung out at my sisters house for a while and played a fun little game called 'are you in labor?' You see, she is about 37 weeks pregnant with her second bambino & having contractions every 7-10 mintes, but since she is a freak of nature and experienced .01 contractions while in labor with Nathan she doesn't really know when to go to the hopsital (my mom made her go with Nathan because 'she just knew').

In the meantime, I got a call from my husband who tells me he 'had an accident'. Of course, I start to fly off the handle because I thought he said he 'GOT in an accident' and obviously, if he was able to talk and it wasn't a paramedic calling me, it was totally rational for me to be a lunatic and worry that our insurance is going to go up.
 See also: Billy married a psycho path.
Moving on, apparently this 'accident' occured while he was getting into his car at the house, leaving for work. He leaned over to close his door and slammed his head on the car door. (I know, I'm confused too.) He thought it was just going to bruise since it hurt really bad and carried on to work. Upon further investigation, he split his eyebrow in half & now had blood running down his face. A few co-workers told him he might need to go get it looked at.
Once he got to the house and had it looked at it was decided that too much time had passed and stitches wouldn't help. So a butterfly bandaid it was and we carried on with our day. 

Side note: when I left my sister's house, she was bouncing on a ball.... still pregnant.

After an epic 3 hour nap session from my little bugger, we ate bananas & unloaded the dishwasher before she decided it was time for bed.

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