snow day!

Hello from Virginia!
We drove 12 hours through the night, Tuesday into Wednesday. Abigail slept the entire time (!!!!) and my job was to keep Billy awake while he drove. We sang, we threw in some interpretive dancing and we asked and answered about 100 questions about ourselves that we may or may not have known about each other. Despite being exhausted, it was actually really fun to spend some 'quality' time together.
As we started getting into Northern Virginia, I started turning into a child. I was seeing snow EVERYWHERE! Tons of snow!!
So, naturally as soon as we got to our final destination, I made us all bundle up and head out to play in all the fluffy, white goodness!!
Abigail hates grass. Like, scream bloody murder, you think someone is tearing off her arm, hates grass. So we weren't expecting much when we plopped her butt right in the white sheet of bliss. But to our surprise, she loved it! And immediately started eating wasn't yellow, since I know you'll ask ;)
Here is a glimpse into our very first snow day!

I'm not even sure there is a word to describe how tired we were. Billy calculated and he had officially been awake for 40 hours! So we all passed out for a good while.
After baby girl went down for bed, we headed outside to grab some of the beers that we had chilling in the snow and relaxed. For about 10 minutes. Before we decided to go to bed at 8pm.
(So much sarcasm.)


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