a stomach flu, a steak dinner & a baby.

Well, THIS was an interesting weekend.
I'll spare you the details of my thursday & friday (& saturday, sunday and monday if we are getting technical) but I came down with yet ANOTHER stomach bug. & this is the worst one yet. I haven't had a real meal in 4 days & its taken me the same amount of time to drink ONE Gatorade.
But whatever, lets move on to FUN things, because I'm sick of talking about myself always being sick.
Billy & my anniversary was this past Wednesday & my dad surprised us with a reservation and gift card to Ruth's Chris for Saturday night. We were pumped for a kid-free date night!

The three tiny pieces of $43 steak I ate were delicious and the mounds of food that I watched Billy demolish looked equally amazing. We were surprised with the cutest little display of dessert at the end of our meal & we couldn't have had a better time (well, minus the stomach bug)!

Sunday, we woke up kid-free again (thanks mom and dad) and had BIG plans of getting a bunch of projects done around the house.
Until 11:30am when my dad called to tell me where we would be spending our Sunday....
Sister was in labor!
We rushed over to my parents house and as soon as we got there, I dragged my sisters pregnant self into the bathroom to straighten her hair.

This one melts my heart.
 This was taken about 5 minutes after Abigail face planted on the tile floor of the hospital. My poor girl.

Nathan SUPER PUMPED to become a big brother!

My sister is what I am now referring to as the Jimmy John's of pregnant women.
She delivers 'freaky fast'.
She was admitted into the hospital around 1:30pm.
& after ONE push her baby girl was in her arms at 6:15pm.
Freak of nature.
If you're wondering if this is a genetic thing, go ahead and take a look at this post.
It's not. & I hate her a little for it ;)
Addison Hallie Lund
Born 04/13/2014
6lbs 8ozs.
19 1/4 in long.
Welcome to the world, baby girl!
 (& yes, she looks disgustingly perfect after labor as well.)

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