eleven months old!

I CAN NOT believe I am typing up Abigail's 11 month update (a day late, eff you stomach flu!)! It was actually kind of difficult to write this one & not just because my head has been glued to the toilet for the past 48 hours. Coming up with a few things that this child 'dislikes' was a challenge. She is honestly the happiest, best baby in the world. 

|| She came down with a double ear infection this month & was miserable for about a week. In that time frame, she decided she didn't want to drink her formula anymore. We tried everything to get her to drink it; bottle, sippy cup, hot, cold... nothing! We loaded her up with fluids and made her smoothies and yogurt and she eventually started taking two bottles at daycare again. 

|| Big girl officially has breakfast and dinner now. That probably sounds weird, but up until about 2 weeks ago, she would have a bottle as soon as she woke up and then a bottle before bed (instead of any food). We have switched to giving her a real breakfast in the morning with water, and a real dinner at night with water. We were worried that she wouldn't sleep because she depended on her bottle to soothe her, but she is a champ and hasn't been fazed at all. 

|| It feels like Abigail went from walking to running instantly. She doesn't crawl anymore & loves to climb. We found her climbing up her highchair the other day and sitting in it. All by herself. YIKES! 

|| She is talking SO much lately. All baby gibberish but she has her own versions of hi, yeah and puppy. She still says dada a lot and calls me baba instead of mama because she can't pronounce M's yet :) 

We love you baby girl! 

First birthday plans are in full force & I can't wait to share them! 

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