Moments I never want to forget

Thanks for the sweet link up, Jess!

Last night was one of those nights that I never want to forget.

I was sitting next to Abigail as she was eating dinner in her highchair, feeling sad because her hair is starting to lay down and lose it's spike, she has 4 more teeth coming in and she was dancing to Ellen in her seat. My baby is growing up. 

& then we got to bath time and she reminded me that growing up is A-OK. 

We have foam letters than she plays with in the bathtub. She usually just bites them but tonight was different. She handed me the purple 'F' so I stuck it on my forehead. She belly laughed so hard I saw bubbles come up from her butt in the water. The letter fell into the water and she immediately picked it up and handed it to me to do it again. So I did. & I got the same reaction (sans bubbles). It fell, she picked it up & handed it to me. This went on probably 7 more times. On the 8th time, instead of her handing it TO me, she wanted to stick it on my forehead for me.

We laughed and laughed for what seemed like an eternity and I thought to myself that THESE are the moments I want to remember forever. 

You're allowed to grow up baby girl, just not too fast ;) 


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