sick baby update.

After writing this post, Abigail's sickness wasn't getting any better.

After picking her up from daycare Friday afternoon & getting a report that she hadn't really been able to eat or drink anything and overall felt like a dirty diaper after a night of sloppy joes, it was time to take her to Urgent Care.

What a disaster that turned out to be. We spent 45minutes in the waiting room, seeing everything from a kid with a chin that was split open to a mother who couldn't stop her child from slamming the door open and closed a thousand times. Just as I was about to roundhouse kick a 4 year old across the room, we were called back.

After the nurse used an ear thermometer to get her temperature, Abigail LOST it. For the next hour. Screams, tears (from both of us)... it was one of the worst hours of my life. I couldn't do ANYTHING to make her feel better. Thank GOD for my parents who came up to help us out, it was definitely a 3 person job.

Her diagnoses was a double ear infection and a nasty cold. They tested for the flu and RSV (pure torture)  and both were negative which I'm obviously super happy about.

After a 13 hour sleep last night and a 3 hour nap this morning, she is finally acting more like herself.

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