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I know I probably gushed more than enough for your liking about my husband yesterday in my anniversary post, so I'll keep it short today. But after he had these butes delivered to my office yesterday, I just had to throw it out there one more time that he really is the bomb dot com.
We had big plans of making ourselves (Billy making, mama don't cook) a delicious steak dinner after the babe went to bed, but my dad surprised us with reservations to Ruth's Chris Saturday night so we opted to order Chinese Food in, instead (thanks, Dad!)
We shoved our faces with everything fried & saucy and I woke up this morning feeling like I had just walked to Sahara desert while pouring a box of salt down my throat.
60 minutes on the elliptical at 5:30 this morning still didn't cure my food hangover, so I'm getting real chummy with fruits & veggies today.

Last week, Abigail had 'Spring Pictures' scheduled at school. I'm so thankful that they set up these shoots for the kids for special occasions (back to school, Christmas etc..). After an eventful morning of playing the ole 'where's my kids shoes' game and eventually sending her to school barefoot on picture day, we received the pictures back today.
After a few good laughs at the HORRENDOUS ones and some cropping and editing, I'm happy with the outcome.
{{Special thanks to her daycare teacher, Stacey who had a pair of her own daughters sandals and slapped them on my baby's feet so she didn't have to run around barefoot!}}

I tried to crop the sketchy looking bunny out of most of the pictures, but he made an appearance in one of them. It kills me.
I'm using these pictures as an excuse to link up with Jessica for her 12 in 2014 photo challenge!  
12 in 2014

Have a great day! I'll be spending my Thursday, thirsty. Woof!

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