1st Weekend of Summer!

Saturday kicked off the first official day of Summer & we are pumped! 

We spent the weekend knocking a few more things off of our summer bucket list, although none of them took us outside to actually enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having (most of the time).

Saturday was almost like a dream come true for Billy & I. 
He headed off to go play golf first thing in the morning and I laid around with Abigail until about 9am. 
I dropped her off at my parents for a couple of hours while this mama headed to the SPA

Abigail read books in the corner & I got a mini workout in on the floor of her room. I realized in this moment that this might be my favorite view in our house ;) 

Saturday night was spent watching chick flicks at my sisters house and having a good ole fashioned sleepover. Except, none of us really slept. Crying babies. Coughing and sniffling mamas. It was a recipe for disaster. Once 4:45am hit and I had Abigail running around my sisters house like a banshee, I decided to cut our loses and pack up and head home. 
Billy and I decided to celebrate our shit show of a night with a pancake breakfast at 6am. #yolo 

We had plans to meet up with a group of friends to hit up the indoor rock climbing facility we have locally. Abigail was feeling a bit shy about the adventure, but she handled it like a champ (read also: the exact opposite of how she handled our sleepover the night before). 

Because, duh. 

This little spider monkey kicked all of our asses at the whole rock climbing thing. You'll notice, he isn't connected to the ropes on his harness and literally had no fear climbing up and down the walls.

I made it to the top, FYI. 
However the picture I have of me at the top is at a very unfortunate angle. Those harnesses squeeze in all the wrong places. 

We all had so much fun and decided to reward ourselves with a calorie loaded lunch to celebrate our sore forearms. 
& then we celebrated a little more with bloodys & New York strips. 

And now it's Monday. 
And it's been a gem of a Monday at that. I can't go into too much detail of what's gone wrong so far today, however I DID get in a car accident on my lunch break from work. 
I'm fine, but my nasty attitude isn't. :) 
The week can only go up from here, right?! 

Your Monday homework assignment; 
leave me a comment with something funny. 
A joke, a story, a picture of your face. 
Anything to make this stressed out mama laugh is welcomed ;) 

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  1. I'm sorry you're having a craptastic day! I hope everything is okay! XOXO