I'm officially OFFICIAL!

It's going to be a random one over here today.
I have a few things to share and a few random photos that don't have anything to do with each other ;)

First things first; I am official!
If you look up at your address bar, you'll see that the 'blogspot' portion of my web address is GONE! I purchased my domain name and am hosting it now! I know I talked briefly about possibly changing the name, since it won't apply forever.. but after really thinking about it, I decided to keep it as Baby A & Mama J. It's special to me and I don't want to change it, so I'm not!
You can now type into your web browser and you'll get this page, but if you forget its ok. Even if you still type in the '' it will redirect you to me ;)

You'll also notice I changed my layout a bit, with a new blog header and tag line. Let me know what you think!

Moving on.... 

|| I have been on the hunt for some cute magnetic letters for our fridge for a few weeks now. I knew I didn't want the regular crayola colored ones and I didn't want to spent $85 for a handmade set from Etsy (even though they are absolutely gorgeous!!) so I took to to find some & I love the ones we ended up purchasing! They were a great price and the patterns on each letter are the cutest! The only complaint I have is that they are a bit on the small side (not small enough for a babe to choke on them, but definitely small enough to get lost easily).

|| We introduced Abigail to a straw again last night and she really liked it. Not to mention drank way more milk that she normally does with it. We tried to get her to use one a couple of months ago, but she just wasn't ready. I saw this sippy cup, which she got for her birthday, sitting on the drying rack and thought I would give it a go and she loved it! I had to refill her cup 3 times before she was satisfied, which is about 2 and a half cups more than she normally drinks ;)

|| This past weekend Billy, A and I went to go visit my grandparents for a couple hours. We had so much fun at our visit and as soon as Abigail's Great-Papa got out of his favorite chair, she couldn't wait to hop on it and steal it from him ;) I love this picture for so many reasons. Abigail sitting in his chair and her Great-Nana's hand resting right next to hers. It makes my heart happy :)

|| Some things to look forward to in the next couple of days ||

-- I am taking part in a super fun link up tomorrow that you won't want to miss. It is a take on your average 'day in the life' posts. The host of the link up wants everyone to be super real and hold nothing back and I'm pretty excited about it. Not only to show you a day in our lives but also to see the lives of some of the other blogs I follow along with. Should be fun! Make sure you come back tomorrow to check it out!

-- Next week, I will be doing my very first book review! Blogging for Books sent me Lea Michele's Brunette Ambition to read and review and I can not wait to tell you guys all about it! I loved it! And they were kind enough to send me an extra copy to give away to one of you guys! Stay tuned ;)

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Thanks again for hanging out with me on the little ole blog of mine. I love this space and I love you all for taking time out of your days to read my words and see my pictures :)



  1. I love reading your blog. I cant wait for you to post more :-) stacey

  2. So awesome!!! Congrats!!