Our weekend in Pictures

This post was supposed to go up much, much earlier this morning and now we are rearing our heads into the early afternoon. Let me explain...
Last night was a DOOZY!
As I'm sure we all know by now, Abigail is a rockstar of a sleeper. Always has been. Last night though, she was not. She went to bed around 7pm and fell right to sleep. Out of nowhere about 20 minutes later, she was standing up and screaming in her crib. We went in, held her and put her back down. And she started screaming again. This went on for nearly 2 hours. Us going in, holding her, bringing her to the living room, letting her lay with us, putting her back down and then more screaming.
By about 9:30pm, I asked Billy to run a bath and I went into A's room and started stripping her down to nothing. Once I took her clothes off, I saw that she had a rash all over her body. So I sat on her floor while the bathtub was filling up, and held her. She finally calmed herself down, so calm in fact, she peed all over me. As I was sitting on the floor holding her, I looked up at Billy and said 'she's peeing all over me' and he said 'well get up and take her to the tub' and I think I responded with 'no, its ok. She's comfy.'
Yes folks, I let me kid pee all over me. It's ok ;)
Her and I both got in the bathtub and I held her until Billy was done getting her clean. We wrapped her like a burrito and then got her into some new, comfy pjs and she ended up falling asleep around 10:30pm.
When she woke up this morning, we were convinced something was wrong, because she never acts like that, so we took her to the walk-in portion of her pediatrician's office.
Abigail HATES the doctor. The minute we walk in, she starts screaming because she knows whats ahead. She won't even sit on the scale to be weighed. I have to physically lay on top of her in order for the doctor to check her ears and her throat. It's a total shitshow.
But sure enough, without showing us ANY signs, homegirl has an ear infection. And they aren't concerned about the little red bumps all over her.
So while I had grand plans to have this post written last night and scheduled to go live first thing this morning... Abigail ran the show and decided she didn't want that to happen ;)
But I'm here now and I'm going to talk to you about our weekend (in as few words as I can possibly get away with).
Here we go...
We painted our toes on Friday night during dinner.

I got to FaceTime with 3 of my most favorite people in the world.

We took a roadtrip to see some family on Saturday morning.

We stopped for coffee and donuts.
Abigail slept.
& gave her cousin kisses and hugs.

I helped my nephew, Nathan yank out his first tooth.
(& I'm pretty sure I own him like $75 and ice cream for dinner for the next month because of it.)
And Sunday I ended up taking ZERO pictures. But we were having a family fun day at a park with all of the General Managers in Billy's district of his restaurant. We played volleyball, did team building exercises (aka Billy was blindfolded and I had to guide him through an obstacle course using only directional words. Don't worry, we are still married.. but it was a close one!)  and Abigail was the only kid there so she obviously got lots of love ;)
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Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!


  1. 💜💜love your blog baby! Momma.

  2. She is such a cutie!!! I'm glad you were able to ifgure out what was wrong!!!