sweet you rock & sweet you roll.

first things first;
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Moving on...
we had a great time at the show last night!
It wasn't the best setlist, and he totally forgot to play one of my favorite songs, but we did get to sing our faces off for the majority of the show and we got to hear a few songs that we hadn't heard live before. If you have never been to one of his shows or aren't a fan, part of the excitement is that he never plays the same setlist twice on his tour. No matter what though, we ALWAYS have a great time!

Fun Fact: Ever since we met, when Billy gets really into a song, he grabs my arm and 'plays guitar' on it.
See those little blurry blobs, that's the band.
As we were walking out of the ampitheater, Jimmy Johns sandwiches started flying around everywhere!
You know that scene in Kazaam (you know, the one with Shaq. Don't act like you haven't seen it) when all the cheeseburgers and pizza start falling from the sky, yeah it was something like that.


& while we were off playing, Abigail got to stay home with her grampy for a sleepover! I got these pictures the next morning and they made my heart burst with happys!
Not pictured: the photos of Abigail in the bathtub in all of her clothes because 'she liked it!'.
Can we also talk about how my dad knows how important it is to accessorize her hair?! I die.

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