Weekend Lookback

We didn't do much this weekend. 
Our goal was to keep it pretty low-key and I think we did a good job of sticking to it. 
Besides a quick trip to Panera for lunch with my family on Sunday, we didn't really leave the house at all. 
We got a bunch of house projects done, rearranged Abigail's room, the playroom and the living room... because as you might remember from this post, I'm crazy. 

The weather was delicious though, so we took advantage of that on Saturday before Billy had to leave for work. 
We bought a blow up pool from Target's Summer Clearance sale and put it outside for A to play in (but not before we blew it up a few days prior and put all of her blankets and toys in it and let her play in the living room, in the pool ;). Thanks for the idea, Heather!).
 She had a blast, and towards the end of our time outside, I jumped in the pool with all of my clothes on, and even got Sophie to join in on the fun, too :) 

Now it's Sunday evening, it looks like the end of the world outside and the toddler Tornado has touched down in my house.. & i kind of love it ;) 

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Hope your weekend was amazing! 
Only 5 days until the next one ;) 


  1. What a cutie!!! It looks like she had a ton of fun in there (and you, too!)

  2. Gotta love the toddler tornado! Those tornados seem to get bigger with age but they also learn how to clean up :-)

    1. I'll gladly keep cleaning them if it means she'll stop growing up so fast!! ;)