Our weekend & a bunch of random thoughts.

It was a busy weekend around here! 
Friday was spent with me laying in the fetal position on the couch, with blankets over my head, praying a tornado wasn't going to come ripping through my house while Billy was at work and googling the best room to hunker down in, just in case. 
There were no tornados, we didn't even lose power. They only thing we lost was my mind
Moral of the story - I hate bad weather. 

Saturday, Billy and I had to prepare our backyard for the bear barricade fence that is being installed this Thursday. We had a pretty large tree to cut down and we are too stingy to pay someone to do it for us, so we chopped it down and then chopped it up and dragged the pieces into our woods behind our house. It didn't take us too long and were able to get it done while Abigail napped, but we were dead tired when Abigail was ready to party. 
Billy went to work all night and I stayed home and worked out, cleaned the house and made a nutirious dinner  sat on the couch with a plate of tator tots. 

We woke up early on Sunday to get ready to head to Spring Hill for the day for a birthday party. We ended up in the area around noon, spent some time with my grandparents, headed to the party and then my child (& my sisters baby) decided they had had ENOUGH. After an hour an a half they made it clear if they didn't leave the party, they would make everyone else leave with their screeches and tears. We packed up and headed out. Abigail slept for approximately 12 minutes on the 2 hour drive home and whined for the rest of it. 
Needless to say, when I asked Billy to go buy me ice cream later that night he told me that I couldn't pay him to get back in the car. 
I know, RUDE right?! ;) 

A few fun things from the weekend -- 

Billy taught Abigail what sound a lion makes, and it might be the cutest thing in the world. I'll post oavideo of it on both of my Facebook pages (here & here) if you want to check it out. 

I have been on the hunt for curtains for my dining room for what seems like forever. I had a very specific design in mind and all of the curtains I found were not living up to my standards. And then I decided to use shower curtains instead. And I'm in love with them. 

This might be the worlds worst quality photo ever put on the internet. 
& for that I am sorry. 
But not sorry enough to retake it. 

We had Abigail's 15 month well visit at the pediatrician on Friday morning. Everything went great except that they are recommending we get tubes put in her ears since she has had 5 ear infections since February. They gave us a referral for an ENT doctor, but I haven't been able to bring myself to call and make an appointment. It's not the tubes that scare me, its A being put under anesthesia
that I just can't get down with. 
Hey mamas - Do you have any advice for me? I could really use it. Even if its 'Stop being a psycho and make your kid the appointment. She'll be fine'.

It is back to school picture week at Abigail's daycare. Her individual pictures are scheduled for tomorrow, but her class picture was yesterday. I wasn't planning on getting her class picture, since she is such a little baby, but then I happened to peek in on the cameras in her class while they were taking the picture and my heart died a little bit. Seeing all the kiddos lined up in a row of chairs and a row sitting on the floor, with the teachers on the side of them... I can't. It was too cute. I don't care if A isn't even looking at the camera. I have to have it now. 

Here is a flashback of her Back to School pictures from last year: 

XOXO :) 

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