SeaWorld Saturday (& a little bit of Sunday)

Four days late. Yeah, I'm working on it.. 

Instead of a traditional Holiday Party this year, the company I work for decided to send all of their employees and family members to SeaWorld for the day. 
They set up a nice lunch (with beer kegs) in a beautiful (air conditioned) ballroom where we could all meet for the day, mingle, have a few dozen beers and get on with our days as we wished. 
Despite it raining pretty much the entire day and SeaWorld deciding to shut down what seemed like the entire park, we ended up having fun! 

Here's what our day looked like --

Car selfie with our party pooper in the background. & you're looking at the only nap my kid took the whole day. 
Meltdown, party of 1. 

Oh hey there mister. 
Abigail loved seeing all the 'fishies'!

Abigail and her Mali.  
This little restaurant is where we found beer took cover during the never ending storm at its worst. The girls were starting to meltdown so we started shoveling food in their mouths, like all good parents do and plopped them up on the table in order to make them happy again. Shortly after this photo sesh, we saw a glimmer of not so dark skies and decided it was time to try and make the best of the rest of the day. 

The kiddie area ended up opening up and we were able to take A on the carousal, spinning cups and train. The adults got ice cream cones the size of our faces and we were able to truck on over to Antarctica to see some penguins. 

This exhibit was amazing! 
After the ride portion, you are dropped off in the penguins home where you are smacked in the face with 32 degree temperatures and penguins within reach. 
I wanted to stick one in our stroller and carry on with our day! 
 Abigail was obsessed! 

And because we are batshit crazy, we stayed until the 6pm showing of Shamu. Abigail actually did way better than I thought she would and really only melted down at the very end. And as you can see above, wanted nothing to do with an actual seat and wanted to hang over the railing the entire show. 
I was totally cool, calm and collected with her decision. 

Her expression pretty much sums up the day. 
She was READY TO GO!

After an approximately 47 mile walk back to the car, we were well on our way to our nice comfy beds, where I promptly dreamt that I was running a marathon and was running in place under the covers all night. 

Sunday was spent lounging by the pool with my favorite gal, recovering. Because I'm an old lady and can't make it through one day at a theme park without shin splints for the next 6 days. 

XOXO ;) 

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