soaking it all in.

I don't know what it is about this last month, but watching Abigail getting bigger, smarter and funnier has made me an emotional mess. I figured it was time for an update, so  I don't forget a single second.

Weight/Length: I don't know exact numbers - our next wellness checkup is on the 22nd & here's to hoping we don't find ourselves back at the peds before then, but I think she is around the 22lb mark. She is a peanut :)

Hair: She is rocking a pretty serious mullet these days. I love putting in up in a pebbles inspired pony or completely lopsided pigtails. I tried putting it in a true back of the head ponytail not too long ago and holy disaster! It was a serious business in the front, party in the back situation. She won't let me put a headband on her right now and if I want to stick a bow in the pony, I have to distract her while I do it.

Diapers: We are using Target brand for the day & Pampers for night because home girl pees like a racehorse while she sleeps. Potty training should be a serious blast! Both are a size 4.

Clothing: I just cleaned out her drawers this weekend due to finding a pair of pants that were 9 months in size. Wasn't going to happen. She still fits into most of her 12-18 month clothes and we just went shopping this weekend and bought her 18-24 months shirts. She is wearing size 4 shoes, finally!

Likes: Dancing. All you have to say is 'Abigail, DANCE!' and she starts busting a move. The water - Bath time, pool time... she loves to splash! Climbing on the back of the couch and screaming her face off. Playing in her teepee. Stacking blocks. Turning her sound machine on and off. The remote & my keys. Pressing the garage door button anytime we come in the house. 

Dislikes: Getting things taken away from her - holy meltdowns! Staying in her highchair one second longer than she wants to.

Favorite Foods: Bananas, apple sauce, cinnamon raisin bread, smoothies, chicken, macaroni & cheese. She won't eat veggies unless they are pureed, but she is getting the hang of using a spoon so it's getting a little bit easier.

Milestones: She is talking more and more every day. She repeats everything you ask her to say... which is terrifying! Her favorite words are puppy, baby, Abby, mommy, daddy, Nana, ready (when we get to school every morning I turn around and say 'Ready?!' and she always replies with 'READY!'), buh-bye, ball, aqua (water)  & anything else that peaks her interest. Also a big fan of the word 'OW!', even when things don't hurt. She knows where her head, belly, toes, nose, mouth, eyes & ears are. We quiz her everyday and she gets so excited when she finds them all! It's amazing to witness her brain growing :)

Mama Thoughts: I find myself looking at my baby girl so differently these days. We will be playing on the floor of her room & I'll just be staring, not wanting to forget any part of the moment. I've been super sappy about little things. Listening to her laugh or cry. Watching her little toes wiggle when I take her shoes off, not wanting to come to the realization that one day those little piggies are going to be grown up feet. We went for a real walk the other night around the neighborhood. We had the stroller with us, but she didn't want to ride in it, but wanted to walk instead. And shortly after, she tumbled on the sidewalk and got her first set of scraped knees. I never want to forget that. She cried and cried & I was able to hug and kiss her until she was all better. (DADDY TOO!) 

The past month had been so fun! I say it every time but it's definitely the most fun age yet! We play more than ever, talk to each other more than ever and LOVE each other more than ever. 

You are my smallest best friend, Abigail. & I love you dearly!


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