Blake Shelton

A while back, my sister bought her and her husband tickets to go see Blake Shelton at the Amway when he made his way to Orlando. It was going to be his first concert (I know, it's weird) and it was also for his birthday, which was in August.
Fast forward a couple months, some things completely out of his control prevented him from being able to go.
 And guess who the default invite was?
The concert was an absolute blast (aside from the fact that my body decided to fail me that weekend and I ruptured an ovarian cyst, which may sound dangerous and disgusting to most, but fear not - it is a total common occurrence for me and I have it pretty much down to a science in which I don't have to pack up the family to head to the ER every time. #runonsentence)!
I just just as excited for Blake as I was to see his opening acts which were Dan + Shay and The Band Perry.
They were both fantastic!
Fun Fact: I have this weird thing about going to concerts. Turns out, every time I go to one, I someone manage to get us back for a meet & greet with at least one of the artists.
This time, it was Dan + Shay!

No but really, I've met Taylor Swift, Gloriana, Boyce Avenue.... Twitter is a powerful tool I tell ya ;)
& now back to Blake. The show was great. He drank a lot. He was hilarious. He talked crap about Adam Levine. He drank a lot.
Here are some pictures from the show - -
Our seats were good. But pictures never turn out good unless you are on the floor, so shots of the video screens is all you get ;)

Next up, Luke Bryan on September 26th!  
Operation Meet & Greet is in full force ;)

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  1. Jamie took Colton to see Luke Bryan, he had the best time dancing with everyone around him! Still waiting on Blake to make it this way...
    Love reading about your adventures!!